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Pray With our Feet

Pray with our Feet is a podcast and community rooted in the radical love of Christ. We uplift the intersection of progressive Christian faith and social justice / activism. We believe we are called to make a difference in the world around us. Founded by Emelda De Coteau and Trudy Leocadio, mother and daughter. Find us on Instagram, and Twitter: @praywithourfeet.

May 26, 2023

I caught up Jennifer Magnano aka The Barefoot Preacher - writer, doula, maternal-child health advocate, and mother living with chronic illness. She honors the wild, holy work of local and global motherhood through resonant writing and speaking, companionship, resources & education. With personal experience of the chaos and complexity to exist throughout the caregiving years (in both our bodies and lives), Jennifer speaks with urgency; her goal to elicit a tender lived-response in humanity that echoes for and in our generations to come.

We chatted about - 

  • Breaking God out of the boxes, which can look like experiencing the Divine in the wonder of everyday moments, being in sacred relationship with God as Mother, Father, or however the Holy One shows up for us. 
  • Jennifer's journey of healing from religious trauma. 
  • What it's like to live on the edge of disability and raise two kiddos with their own health challenges. 
  • Her writing, which challenges us to awaken continually in multiple ways; we delved into two essays from Reclamation (her newsletter on Substack):
     It's Ok to Upset the Internet and Your Trauma is Welcome Here. 
  • Creating space in our minds, hearts and spirits for a theology rooted in collective liberation. Jennifer lifted up the work of Rev. Wilda C. Gafney, Hebrew biblical scholar and professor, Episcopal priest  who teaches Biblical Hebrew, Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and, Womanist and Feminist Biblical Studies.

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