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Pray With our Feet

Pray with our Feet is a podcast and community rooted in the radical love of Christ. We uplift the intersection of progressive Christian faith and social justice / activism. We believe we are called to make a difference in the world around us. Founded by Emelda De Coteau and Trudy Leocadio, mother and daughter. Find us on Instagram, and Twitter: @praywithourfeet.

Feb 8, 2021

Tune in for Part 2 of our stimulating discussion with Rev. Dr. Heber Brown III, Senior Minister of Pleasant Hope Baptist Church, and founder of the Black Church Food Security Network. 

We unpacked quite a bit during this episode, including: 

- Understanding God stands on the side of the oppressed (through the lens Black liberation theology) and thinkers like  Rev. Dr. James Cone (The Cross and The Lynching Tree) and Howard Thurman, author of Jesus and the Disinherited (among other books). 

- The essential work of believers in building bridges across generations and empowering ourselves. Check out his work with the Black Church Food Security Network, a partnership between black churches and black farmers around the country. 

- Being unapologetic about the beauty of blackness, and seeing this way of moving through the world as linked deeply to a loving and affirming God. 

- Why we must build beloved community (in the tradition of the Maroons, formerly enslaved people who set up their own communities), and understanding the unique finger print of God on not only individuals, but church bodies (each has a different calling). 


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