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Pray With our Feet

Pray with our Feet is a podcast and community rooted in the radical love of Christ. We uplift the intersection of progressive Christian faith and social justice / activism. We believe we are called to make a difference in the world around us. Founded by Emelda De Coteau and Trudy Leocadio, mother and daughter. Find us on Instagram, and Twitter: @praywithourfeet.

Dec 24, 2020

Merry Christmas, Pray with our Feet Community!

We caught up with Rev. Fran Pratt, pastor, writer, musician, and mystic about her deeply moving prayers which call us to the daily work of anti-racism, honoring the earth and uplifting the Beloved community.

We delved into her faith journey -  leaving a fundamentalist evangelical background into progressive Christianity, prayer as both spiritual practice and art form, her powerful prayer: Litany for Racism in the U.S., the need for Christians to understand Jesus through the eyes of those pushed to the margins (liberation theology). 

Fran is author of Call and Response: Litanies for Congregational and regularly creates and shares modern liturgy here and on Patreon. She serves as Pastor of Worship and Liturgy at Peace of Christ Church in Round Rock, Texas, where she lives with her spouse and two young daughters.

Resources Mentioned During this Episode:

James Cone, The Cross and the Lynching Tree 

Lisa Sharon Harper's work 

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