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Pray With our Feet

Pray with our Feet is a podcast and community rooted in the radical love of Christ. We uplift the intersection of progressive Christian faith and social justice / activism. We believe we are called to make a difference in the world around us. Founded by Emelda De Coteau and Trudy Leocadio, mother and daughter. Find us on Instagram, and Twitter: @praywithourfeet.

Jun 25, 2023

What if we broke away from fearing intuition, and began embracing it as another way God speaks to us? I recently sat down with Katrina “Trina” Dilag, founder of Radical Visionary Collective, 2x certified spiritual life coach, and social justice advocate. 

We chat about healing as resistance to harmful systems, normalizing out-of-the box spirituality in churches, ditching toxic theology to develop an intimate relationship with God, and her latest offering, Intuition Activation, an 8 week course (launched June 19); it is a culmination of 20 years of experience in spirituality and healing which includes serving as a minister to youth and young adults and working within healing communities. 

Trina supports conscious community leaders, ministers and mothers with stepping into their higher callings through alignment, abundance and inner healing. Throughout her work at the intersections of faith + justice (pulling from the wisdom of respected community elders of the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement), she centers the power of visioning, ancestral connection, and decolonization to create a world of love & liberation for all.

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