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Pray With our Feet

Pray with our Feet is a podcast and community rooted in the radical love of Christ. We uplift the intersection of progressive Christian faith and social justice / activism. We believe we are called to make a difference in the world around us. Founded by Emelda De Coteau and Trudy Leocadio, mother and daughter. Find us on Instagram, and Twitter: @praywithourfeet.

Apr 8, 2022

How do visual art, contemplative prayer, social justice & children's ministry all connect? We're thirlled to chat with Sheila Whittenberg, artist and children's minister  based Germany about the rich lessons God brings forth in places we least expect. We delved into - 

  • Sheila's faith journey: beginning with an intense spiritual experience at age 4, which left  her assured of God's presence.

  • How she discovered Ignatian spirituality which "insists God is present in our world and active in our lives, and Contemplative (centering) prayer

  • Sheila's beautiful artwork, and what inspires her to continue creating. Explore her full gallery here. You can also connect with her on Instagram

  • The path God took her on to become a trainer and practitioner of Godly Play, a Montessori-inspired concept for the spiritual direction of children. 

  • How she's showing up to help refugees from Ukraine. 
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